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The Bridal Cabin and Honeymoon Suite is included with any 2 day rental of the wedding barn.


It can be used as a prep area for the bride maids to get ready and then also for the first night of the honeymoon for the happy couple.


The Cabin has heating and air conditioning for a comfortable stay no matter the season or time of year.


The Cabin features a beautiful simple design with wood finishes and elegant country accents. The mordern sink is inset in a rustic barrel and just over the bed hangs a chandelier for a romantic touch. The curtains and bedding are a cool black and white pattern which accents well against the wooden walls of the cabin. The bathroom features a toilet and shower, towels and bedding are provided with the Cabin and things such as soap will need to be brought. A small breakfast station features a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker.  The Cabin is perfect for your first night as a married couple and for you and your bridal party to get ready in.



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